8th Street Entrance


Macy's Renovation

& Revitalization

Generations of Minnesotans turned to Dayton’s not only to fill their closets and furnish their homes, but to discover the

world’s latest and greatest. Like most 20th Century

downtown department stores, Dayton’s was more than a

one-stop shopping destination. Our goal is to revive the building to it's former glory and re-cultivate this icon of Minneapolis.

Designer at Gensler

Nicollet Mall Street Entrance

Retail Floors

The retail floors consist of Level 1 & Level 2. With the shops residing at the perimeter of the building. The center exists the circulation space. Stylistically, the interior resides in an art deco shell. This is reflected with the curved walls and round nodes in the space. A delicate balance between the art deco nature of the building and an industrial worn look were used to reflect the history and age of the building.

Level 1 Floor Plan

Level 2 Floor Plan

Level 1 Retail Perspective

Level 2 Retail Perspective

Level 1 Retail at Node Perspective

Food Hall Floor

The food hall lies in the lower level of the building. There are remnants of the the curved walls and nodes from level 1 and level 2. However this floor strays a bit away from the art deco style. It is a mixture of the clean scandinavian aesthetic and a rough industrial look that hints at the antique age of the building. Drawing inspiration from many popular food halls such as Revival in Chicago.

Lower Level 1 Floor Plan

Food Hall Perspective at Grand Staircase

Overall Food Hall Perspective

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