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diablo IV

descend to hell

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For the release of the Diablo game, we teamed up with Secret Cinema to create an immersive theatrical experience for the launch of Diablo IV. Within a beautiful white church - Vibiana - the night begins in Sanctuary. Actors roam the candle filled set and interact with guests. Get a tarot reading, play dice, or make a confession. The church was littered with in world activities. 

The main stage was designed to look like a sacrificial alter with projection mapped stained glass above. The ceiling projection mapped to feature swirling clouds representing an Oracle above. Beginning in gold tones the lighting in the space transitions to red after the ritual on the pentagram stage. Lilith emerges suspended above the audience.


The stained glass of Inarius comes to life electrifying the space with white lasers and lightening bolts. In a visual battle of Good vs Evil. Lilith seems to be the victor only to be interrupted by the one and only, ZedThe party now begins and the theatrical portion of the night comes to an end.

VTPro Creative Team:

Creative Director: Annie Chen
Executive Creative Producer: Emily Brackett

Assoc. Creative Director: Laura Suhok

Senior Designer: Moodie Younis

Graphic Designer: Aaron Strelecki, Justine Henderson

Content Director: Aki Yamashita

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