The Auteur House

A Museum

dedicated to Films

In film, the auteur theory is a way of “curating” a movie. These are movies stylized to be distinctly recognizable by the director.


The Auteur House is a museum that celebrates various directors. It takes the work of the director and creates an enveloping sensory experience connecting the viewer, the work, and the space. This functions based on exhibits. Exhibits last a few weeks to a few months. The exhibit features one specific director. The museum will function as an outlet to create the style and feel of the chosen director.

Student Work

Museum Look & Feel

Stark, minimal, and simple. Mies van der Rohe once said, “Less is more”. The design of the museum shell sticks to that view. The design consists of mostly whites with accents of grey, black, and light natural woods.


Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick is the premier feature auteur at the museum. He is quite a character and quite a director. He takes his time making his movies, because of his obsessive compulsive personality. He pours his heart and soul into the move. In total he has made thirteen full-length feature films in 40 years. His movies are very much about this dark and eerie feeling. There is a hint of paranoia and uncertainty.

Exhibit Inspiration

Stanley Kubrick has a very progressive mind. The exhibit would reflect the forward thinking nature of his mind in the space. The exhibit should be beautiful and delicate, yet dark and twisted. There should be something light and airy about the exhibits, yet full of content and information. It is complicated, because they such contradicting things. However, it makes sense, because Kubrick is such a complicated director.

Level 1 Floor Plan


Movie Poster Exhibit & Staircase

Level 2 Floor Plan

Directional Signage & Barry Lyndon Exhibit

The Shining Exhibit Entrance

The Shining Exhibit Ceiling & Display

A Clockwork Orange Exhibit

Eyes Wide Shot Exhibit

2001: A Space Odyssey Exhibit

Level 3 Floor Plan

Behind the Scenes Exhibit

Process Work Exhibit

Overall Section

Unrealized Projects Exhibit

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