Absolut Nights


House Party

Living Room Dance Floor

The Absolut Electrik House is part of the Absolut Nights Campaigns. This is a unique campaign in which Absolut promotes it’s brand through a creative once in a life time experience. This event begins with guests walking through a Absolut shaped bottle, signifying walking into Asbolut’s world. The entire event is cleverly littered with branding moments, and integration of technology into the party experience. This specific Absolut Night was created to promoting the release of the new Absolut Electrik bottle. 

Overall Floor Plan

Freelance Designer at MKG

Entrance Check-in

The entrance to an Absolut party is very important. It is a way to highlight and exhibit the Absolut brand. A portal that guests walk through is a dynamic and typical way to highlight Absolute prefers to start kick off their events.


Upon entering the event, the first space is a Foyer area. This is located in front of the bar, and it is a casual lounge where guests can socialize. This space acts as the "waiting area", as the event progresses and different activations open.


The Kitchen is a feature space at the beginning of the event with a lot of brand opportunities. Different props with the Absolute blue are used to give a splash of the main brand color. Since Absolut is a Scandinavian brand materials and colors need to stick to a specific palette. This includes light wood, white marble, sliver, and white. Props and finishes in the kitchen stick strictly to this palette. The main feature activation of the space is the Drone Theatre behind the bar. Where the drones shake the drinks for all guests. 

Drink Menu & Props

Drone Theatre

Absolute Electrik Bottles

Living Room

After the drone theatre bar. The living room is the next activation that opens. This area is where the party really starts. The feature of this space is the light up dance floor that activates the laser moose.

Dance Floor & DJ Table

DJ Table

Dining Room

The dining area is a nice refreshment station for guests. This area has a few select branding elements such as the absolut bottle shaped scalloped table runner, and the absolut bottle shaped cheese boards.

Static Study Den

This is the electrifying photo booth moment of the event. Located in the "study" of the space. Surrounded by book shelves elevated on a platform is a sofa with that shoots a small amount of electricity through the guest's body when they sit to take a photo.


When the door opens for the garage, it indicates that the guests have reached the next level of the event. Garage tools, crates, and even oil drums have an Absolut brand highlight. The main feature is the robot band that plays classics for the guests. 

Robot Band

Garage Bar


The high point of the event is when the guests go to the backyard. The 40 foot Tesla coil Absolut bottle is revealed, and Empire of the Sun plays a concert for the guests. The special is that empire of the sun plays the Tesla Bottle as an instrument.

Empire of the Sun

Tesla Coil Bottle

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